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First-Stop Databases: These are great resources for searching on any topic. Try these first before diving into subject-specific databases:

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The library has technology available for check out!

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  • 3-hour or 24-hour laptops
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We are continuously expanding our technology offerings at the library. If there is anything you need access to, email us purchasing recommendations!

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Library of Congress Classification system (LCC) is widely used in academic libraries around the world. The LCC system begins with 21 categories, each identified by a letter of the alphabet.

Below are the major classes of categories found in LCC:

  • A - General (encyclopedias, almanacs)
  • B - Philosophy, Psychology, and Religions (also includes ethics, logic, and mythology)
  • C - Auxiliary Sciences of History (archaeology, genealogy, heraldry, and currency)
  • D - World History
  • E & F - History of the Americas
  • G - Geography, Anthropology (also includes folklore, environmental sciences, leisure/recreation, oceanography)
  • H - Social Sciences
  • J - Political Science
  • K - Law (also includes religious law)
  • L - Education
  • M - Music
  • N - Fine Arts
  • P - Language and Literature
  • Q - Sciences
  • R - Medicine
  • S - Agriculture
  • T - Technology
  • U - Military Science
  • V - Naval Seicne
  • Z - Bibliography (also includes industry and trade, information resources, libraries, paleography, writing)

The Juniata College Archives collects and preserves the history of the college from its early years as a single classroom taught by Professor Jacob Zuck to the present day. Included in this collection are the full print runs of the college yearbook, The Alfarata, and the college newspapers, The Juniata Echo, and The Juniatian.

Our collections include:

Rare Books
Notable items include the Sauer Bible (1743), the second Bible printed in the American Colonies, Benjamin Franklin's Experiements and Observations on Electricity (1769), and Thomas Hobbes Leviathan (1651).

Loyal F. Ramsey Science Fiction Collection
Comprised of 12,000 volumes of core works in the field, as well as many books by more obscure writers, volumes of shorter forms (an element science fiction excelled in) and books on history and criticism of science fiction.

Bill White Comic Book Collection
Features more than 2,400 individual issues of comic books published between 1964 and 2009. Consists primarily of titles by well-known publishers like DC and Marvel.

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