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1. Click the Journals @ JC link from the bottom of the Libguides Home Page. 

2. Pick the relevant discipline from the listing on the Journals @ JC page. 

How to Search Journals @ JC by Citation

1. Have your citation ready. 

Sowell, David. "Population growth in late-nineteenth-century Bogotá: insights on a demographic dilemma." Journal of Urban History. (July, 2012): vol. 384: pp. 720-730.

2. Search Full Text Finder by the Title of Publication. (Full Text Finder may offer suggestions based on what one has entered into the search box). In this case Journal of Urban History. 

3. View initial page of results to find the matching title. This search provided two matches. 

4. Click the line of text directly below the resulting titles to view Juniata Colleges holdings for that particular title.  For Journal of Urban History Juniata College has access through Sage Premier and Sage All Access Collections from 01/01/1999 to the present. 


If this article had been published prior to 1999, one would need to search for another resource or requet an Interlibrary Loan.