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Memorial Course Reserves: Home

What are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are materials accessible through library services; such as books, DVDs, and so forth. These are course specific materials selected by faculty with the purpose of supporting student's access to resources. These materials are typically owned and provided by library services or the faculty member instructing the course.

Course reserves are held at the middle information desk within the Statton Learning Commons, located on the main floor. In order to allow several students to utilize these materials, there is a shorter circulation time of two hours. Course reserves are meant to stay within the Statton Learning Commons to ensure appropriate use of time and return to provide access to all students in the course.

Browse our current Course Reserve offerings here!

What is the difference between Course Reserves & Memorial Course Reserves?

The Memorial Course Reserves program is now offered to continue with the mission and sentiment of the Memorial Book Program. In this program, Juniata honors the memory of a deceased family member of employees of the college by sponsoring a donation to the library collection. The library course reserves are the most used collection and which support student needs by making course materials more accessible.

The purpose of our reserve collection is to:

  • Support the needs of currently enrolled students at Juniata College
  • Provide convenient, efficient, and timely access to high-demand materials; and
  • Protect rare or high-use materials to ensure continued access

The names below are those whose memory we honor through this collection.

In Memory Of

  • Martin Charles Wlazlak
  • James William Hood
  • Art L. Snyder
  • Sandy Baughman
  • Barb Slator
  • Brian David Koelle
  • Robert Zimmerer
  • Robert Wagoner
  • Pat Weaver
  • Leilani M. Grabosky
  • Mark A. Krug
  • Stella L. Meyers
  • Janice C. Maclntyre (Burket)
  • Mary Bonita Lee
  • John D. Bowser
  • Robert Washburn, Sr.
  • Yanping Rinehart
  • Richard D. Smyers
  • David E. & Kay F. Garhart
  • William Andrew
  • Lisa Noel Scherf
  • Verino Joseph "Vin" Dandrea
  • Mary Dandrea
  • Carole Lee Panaia
  • Denise M. Gutshall