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Policies: Gift Policy

Gift Policy

Beeghly Library Gifts Policy


Gifts of Money:  To donate to the Library Endowment, please make checks payable to Juniata College.

Gifts of Books:

The Library welcomes donations of books in good condition that support the current research, curricular and intellectual interests of students and faculty. In general the Library will not add books outside of those parameters, and will not accept:

  • Damaged, moldy, water damaged or infested materials
  • Most textbooks
  • Most mass market paperbacks
  • Outdated editions or duplicates
  • Superseded legal, medical or professional books
  • Subjects not of relevance to our current curriculum
  • Most periodicals
  • Media in obsolete formats or irrelevant subject matter
  • Given the restrictions of limited space and available staff time, gifts will generally be accepted only from the Juniata College Community unless an outside gift is clearly of special importance.
  • Please understand that at times the Library may not be able to accept gifts depending on the backlog of books due to space issues and staff time needed to process.

How to offer your collection to the Library:

  1. Please contact the Library at to set up a time to discuss the contents of a possible gift.  Please include as much detail as you have available about the gift.
  2. In preparation for receiving gift books, we encourage you to have a list handy of the contents of your gift; author, title and publisher information for each book.
  3. Subject specialist librarians will examine donations and evaluate them in accordance with collection development policies and procedures
  4. The Library can only acknowledge gifts which it agrees to accept and catalog  – if a collection is donated and only a portion of it is needed by the Library, then only those items needed will be acknowledged and cataloged.
  5. The Library cannot appraise gifts for tax or inheritance purposes. Acknowledgement of a gift will be limited to a numerical count of items accepted. Gift value is established by the donor – no formal or informal value can be provided by the Library.
  6. Eventual resale, exchange, donation or recycling of unneeded material is at the Library’s discretion.
  7. You will be asked to complete a Donor Record Form, which includes a Deed of Gift, as a way of acknowledging the gift officially.
  8. The Development Office will be notified of the number of books added to the collection and you will receive a letter of acknowledgement from Juniata College.
  9. Some suggestions for other places to donate books should they not be of interest to the Library, would be the Huntingdon County Public Library, Goodwill, the local Correctional Institutions, and other local organizations.