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Policies: Reserves

For Students: Reserves FAQ

Q: Do I need to present a library card to borrow reserves or to photocopy them?

A: Yes - To borrow reserves (even just to photocopy) you must present a valid Juniata Gold Card each time.

Q: How long can I borrow items on reserve?

A:Reserves may be borrowed for a two (2) hour period.

Q: How do I look for items on Reserve?

A: Materials are listed in our Catalog. They may also be located at the Circulation/Reserves desk are two 3-ring binders listing Reserves. First find your professor's last name alphabetically and then choose the appropriate course. Books that are on reserve from the library's collection will display the location Reserves in WebCat.

Q: Can I look at the Reserves check out cards to see if all of my students read the article I placed on reserve for them?

A: No - due to confidentiality and privacy laws we cross out students' names on the Reserves check out cards.

Q: Will my Reserve item be available immediately for my students?

A: No - materials for Reserve should be delivered to the Circulation Desk several business days before they are required for use by students.

See also the Faculty General Reserves Policies for more information.

For Faculty

Faculty General Reserves Policies

It is the responsibility of each faculty member to retrieve or photocopy all materials to be placed on reserve and bring them to the circulation desk.

Requests will be processed by technical services staff in the order they are received. Please allow at least 48 hours for materials to be available to the students. The 48 hours does not include evening, weekends or holidays.

We will place one photocopy of an article on reserve for every ten students in a class, up to a maximum of five copies. This is in line with the fair use guidelines developed in accordance with U. S. Copyright Law.

No material that violates U. S. Copyright Law will be placed on reserve. Generally, this means that we will place photocopies of one chapter or 10% of a single work, which the library does not own on reserve.

We cannot place materials obtained through interlibrary loan on reserve. If we do not own a title, we will purchase it as quickly as possible.

Personal items may be placed on reserve; however, the library will not be responsible for loss or damage of personal items.

Course syllabi for the current semester are held on reserve.