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The Juniatian is the Juniata College student newspaper from 1924 to the present. It was preceded by The Echo (1890-1924).

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The Juniata Echo (1890-1924) was the campus newspaper for the Normal College of Huntingdon, PA. The Normal College would be renamed Juniata College in 1894.

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1890 - 1899 1900 - 1909 1910 - 1919

1920 - 1924

The Advance (1883-1890) was the first campus newspaper for the Normal College of Huntingdon, PA.


1883 - 1890

The Juniata Magazine 

Is the official magazine of Juniata College and is distributed to College alumni, parents, and friends. The magazine was preceded by the Juniata College Bulletin (1904 - 1999).

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Fall 1999 to Winter 2007 & 2008

The Juniata College Bulletin

First established  in January 1904, The Juniata College Bulletin was a quarterly publication. Its contents included the annual reports of the president and treasurer, the college catalog and faculty-authored articles on various academic topics.

As explained in the October 1905 issue:

"The bulletin was begun as a definite and dignified means by which to present information about the college and its work to the public, and it is the purpose to make the different members expressive of the varied interest and activities of the institution."

In May 1936, The Juniata College Bulletin became the The Alumni Bulletin, for an unknown amount of time before reverting to The Juniata College Bulletin until 1999 when it was renamed The Juniata Magazine.

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