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The Archives and Special Collections is responsible for the documentation and care of the historic records owned by Juniata College. The Archives have been an integral part of Juniata’s history for over a century, beginning with the acquisition of the Abraham H. Cassel Collection by Martin Grove Brumbaugh in 1899. From that point on, the use of rare historic records and manuscripts has been a consistent feature of Juniata College’s curriculum.

Our top priority continues to be the preservation of the rare records in our care, while also ensuring that researchers both on and off campus can access our materials whenever possible. We believe that Archives and Special Collections play a pivotal role in cultivating the curiosity and exploration that is fundamental to a liberal arts education. Providing access to the records in our care is just the first step.

Most recently, the Archives and Special Collections has been fully reunited in the state-of-the-art Archives and Special Collections Suite, provided in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities. This Suite has allowed us to centralize the history most important to Juniata College and increase the care and access that we can provide to the greater Juniata community.

Collection Focal Points

The records held in Juniata College’s Archives and Special Collections cover a wide range of subjects. Our key areas of focus are Juniata College’s institutional history, the College’s historic curriculum, the Anabaptist movement, and Huntingdon County history.

Our top priority is to preserve the history of Juniata College. From before the first Founder’s Day through the many changes that have brought the College to where it is today, we continue to document the evolution of our beloved institution and its students. A look through the College’s student newspapers, yearbooks, President’s Papers, and records donated by alumni and their loved ones can highlight just how much Juniata has changed throughout the years – and how our traditions have developed and evolved.

Before we were Juniata College, we were known as the Brethren Normal School. Before then, we were the Huntingdon Normal School. Normal Schools, as focused institutions to train teachers, have strong ties to education and pedagogy. In recognition of those roots, our Archives also preserves records tied to the pillars of our historic curriculum. This includes Pennsylvania politics and history, 19th and 20th century popular culture, early modern science and industrialization, and education.

Through Juniata College’s historic ties to the Church of the Brethren, as well as the acquisition of the library of Abraham H. Cassel, our Archives and Special Collections hold extensive records of the Anabaptist movement and the growth of the Church of the Brethren in the United States. These collections contain some of the most unique volumes in our care, including numerous records that can only be found at Juniata.

Juniata College has always valued its relationship with the rest of Huntingdon County. Without the generosity of the surrounding communities, our College would have remained a dream. In recognition of our long-standing connection to Huntingdon County, we also seek to preserve the County’s history. Most notably, our extensive local newspaper and genealogical collections document how the County has developed over time.

Explore our Collections 

Interested in learning more about what records we hold? Look no further! Our Archives and Special Collections are available digitally through the following sources:

ArchivesSpace. Our online finding aids allow you to browse inventories and descriptive information about our collections ahead of time, empowering you to identify records that may be useful before stopping by for a visit.

Hyku Commons. Through our institutional repository, we seek to provide even greater access to the records in our care. These digitized records ensure that even if you can’t visit our Archives and Special Collections, you can still find the information you’re after!

Please be aware that our digital records and finding aids are currently being updated and made public. This process may take some time, and the records you see may not be the full extent of our holdings. If you are seeking records not listed online, please contact us!

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact Shane Moran, our Archives and Special Collections Librarian, at We would be more than happy to assist with any questions you have about our collections, policies, and procedures.

Please be aware that research inquiries may take some time to fulfill. Our goal is to assist with requests promptly, but some requests may take up to, or longer than, two weeks.